Building a house for a family is one option for missions teams visiting Welcome Home.  Our staff will identify and screen potential families and do all the preparation for house projects.
A standard house is a 18′ x 20′ cement block structure, without plumbing or electrical.  Base price is $5,500 (subject to change).  Optional add-ons such as interior stucco, interior paint, interior wall, outhouse structure, and shower structure will add another $520.  Prices are subject to change. The Welcome Home construction crew, under the direction of foreman Jose Luis, will initiate the project before your team’s arrival and will provide supervision and instruction for your work crew in completing the house build.
Teams electing to build a house must be comprised of a minimum of 10 adults committed to working a full 5 days.  Larger teams may be able to complete a house in four working days.  On the final day of construction, the team and Welcome Home staff will gather to hand over the house keys to the family and dedicate the house to the Lord.